Hey, Gamblers, Is It Illegal to Count Cards? Change my Mind

Casino GamesAccording to most gambling experts counting cards in blackjack, poker or hi-lo and baccarat is not considered cheating. It could even help you get the house edge down. However, some casinos like 888 Casino state a few reasons to never count cards. Among them, it is difficult to learn or challenging to find a suitable game. Or else, you may get caught and recorded on high-definition cameras. Thus, other casinos may have added you on their blacklist as well. But have no worries, our guidance will make you appear as if butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth. So, is it illegal to count cards and how to never get caught? So, let’s break new ground.

Pay Attention to Your Bank Roll and Stack Low

Unless you are an experience counter, you may need to take some measures until you find a winning strategy for yourself. Why not even practice with demo plays? Some online casino operators often have demo blackjack, baccarat and poker games.

Practice Easy Hi-Lo Count

You can practice by adding value to each of the 13 cards in the deck. For example, cards owning value of 2 to 6 rank with +1, cards having a value of 7 to 9 get 0 points and all special cards like the J, K, Q and Ace get -1 point. You should try and count all cards point while they emerge in the game. In the end, you may have a total of +1/-1, 0 or even +2. Then, you should divide the ongoing count on the number of decks left to get the ‘True Count’.

Rise Your Bets

When the count in your head has grown significantly, and there is a small number of cards left to play with, you can raise your bets as you’ll have an idea of your winning aspects

Tactics to Fool the Enemy

Some strategies to camouflage your counting in a land-based casino are simple enough if you are a good performer. Just ask a question about how to play the game and do not sing up for a player’s card as the casino will follow your activity effortlessly. Additionally, if you are a frequent casino visitor and visit a few of them, change your appearance – wear glasses, hats and other various accessories that will alter your outlook every time

Look Around for Tension in the Room

Take out your thermostat and check whether safeguards are keeping an eye on you or communicating with each other. Even if you do get caught, there is no reason to worry as counting cards are not illegal, but the casino will do everything in its powers to keep profits and reputation. Therefore, security guards may approach and politely ask to switch your table. Moreover, croupiers are trained to spot card counters, but it really takes practice to figure it out.

So, there you go. Our tips for counting cards without getting caught. Please inform us if any of those worked out for you or whether you could teach us something new. Good luck!